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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Morten,

> I think its very quick getting used to "blindly" using the buttons, <...>

If you watch people closely while they're using them, you can often see them using their index finger to push shift or control when they're using it as a mouse modifier, instead of the fingers they would use for more regular text typing.

A lot of times that makes for a glance down at the keyboard and then back up to the monitor again, and that's a much larger shift than going to a toolbar button that's at least on the same screen and not at some really different angle.

So really a lot of times things that are heavily keyboard oriented with modifier keys often tend to make people look away from the model, not so much for typing in command names though since that happens with your fingers in regular typing position.

That's one of the factors that helps keep MoI able to work with a more "heads up" type workflow, since you don't have to hold down shift a million times in a modeling session for every time you want to select more than one object.

- Michael