joint double curvature jumbo

 From:  Morten (RUMLAB)
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yeah, but If you switch between programs during the day, and in one program a polyline is "pl" and in the other it's "pol.
One is "o" for offset, the other is "of" and so on, you just see yourself making at lot of errors.

The problem for me with the shift/ctrl/alt navigation style is the same. I think its very quick
getting used to "blindly" using the buttons, the problem is more, if you have two pieces of software,
with slightly different conventions. Ie. ALT is the orbit for many softwares, while Rhino is SHIFT and so on.

I havn't used moi that much yet, and should probably setup more of my own short cuts. I very much a fan
of shortcuts, and in a way, it's a good thing, that you have to set them up yourself, instead of getting
into the affore mentioned confusions.