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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Morten,

> - Definately very archaic. And I never understood why "pl" is
> not "polyline" and so on, to make the autocad bridge smooth.

I think "pline" is the official AutoCAD command name? I think there is a default alias set up for that in Rhino. It was not really a goal to be a 100% identical AutoCAD clone like some programs shoot for (especially for stuff like only 1 global UCS which was really painful in AutoCAD with multi viewport modeling) - it was more to just generally feel friendly and really easy to pick up for AutoCAD users.

> What I do like though, is the ability to keep my eyes on the
> model, while just tampering away.

There are other things that get in the way of that in Rhino though too, especially needing to hold down shift and control a lot. A lot of the time people will have to glance down at the keyboard when using those modifier keys along with the mouse.

- Michael