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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Morten,

> The main thing I sometimes miss from Rhino,
> is the command window ;)

That's one of the things that makes Rhino have a kind of archaic 1990's feel to it...

It is possible to type in commands to MoI as well - the xyz point input box works as a kind of mini command line. If you push Tab to put the focus there you can then type in a command name to launch it.

> But maybe I should just get a wacom.

The main reason for getting a wacom is if you are already very familiar with using a pen or pencil to draw stuff with and it just feels more natural for you to manipulate a stylus than using a mouse.

If you have primarily spent a lot of time using a mouse and that's actually what you are more comfortable with, then getting a wacom is not going to increase your productivity.

> (and maybe the faster trims, although I also dig the visual
> selection feedback in moi)

The problem with Rhino's AutoCAD style Trim command is that it's inconsistent with the regular "noun, verb" type selection sequence. Having some commands work in reverse selection order from others is one of the things that tends to make Rhino more difficult for beginners to learn.

In the future though, I would like to add an additional "QuickTrim" tool that would work like that which would be useful to more experienced users, see here for some discussion on that:

- Michael