Jerky Mouse Movement

 From:  Michael Gibson
494.2 In reply to 494.1 
Hi John, I'm glad that you like MoI!

This is the first that I've heard of this particular problem.

Can you tell me what video card you are using?

The first time that the cursor enters a view that has changed in some way (if either the view has changed or the model has changed), there is a calculation that happens to make it quick to locate the nearby objects on subsequent mouse moves.

This calculation involves reading information from your video card back into MoI. Some older video cards are slow in transferring information in this reverse direction (from the card back to main memory).

From your description of the symptoms, it sounds to me like this is the likely problem area.

> Any chance for more "fluidity" in future versions?

Maybe - it depends on what video card you have.

I've tried hard to give MoI a lot of "modern" capabilities without actually requiring too much in the way of hardware. For instance any mainstream (ATI or nVidia) video card from about the last 5 years or so should be fine. But I do rely on the video card being fast enough in a few certain areas. It may be difficult for me to improve this if you've got a really old or somewhat exotic video card that is just not fast at this particular operation.

It is possible that upgrading the driver for your video card to the newest version could help.

- Michael