Jerky Mouse Movement

 From:  JohnFredC

Hello Michael! We corresponded a bit via the Rhino newsgroup during the early days. Glad to see you still kicking! And congrats on MoI. I'm really (I mean really!) liking it. MoI seems to be the next logical step in interactive modeling (up from the Rhino paradigm, I mean).


My cursor exhibits "stickiness" any time it crosses a viewport divider. By stickiness I mean: hesitation before the cursor position updates to match my hand movement. This behavior seems to be correlated with the "fade-in" display of navigation icons at the bottom of the pane and is apparent whether I am using my Logitech mouse or Wacom tablet.

Cursor "stickiness" also occurs inside a viewport immediately after adjusting one of the view properties (pan, zoom, etc.) with the mouse/pen, either directly or via the icons. If I wait a second or two before moving the mouse/pen then smoothness returns.

These behaviors occur even when all snaps are disabled and make the entire interface seem "herky-jerky" at times.

Any chance for more "fluidity" in future versions?