move from Moi to Vertric cut 3D?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tony, yes like the others mention above you would use STL format to move data from MoI into Vectric cut 3D.

You must however make an actual solid model in order to export to STL - if you have only drawn wireframe curve outlines and not constructed any solids then you won't be able to export just those wireframe curves to STL - STL is meant to hold solids (in triangulated form) not just wires.

re: Mach3 - I'm not really familiar with Mach3 but it looks like it is a more low level CNC controller and it does not deal with model files directly but instead needs to import G-code which are toolpath instructions that are usually generated by a CAM program. I guess there is a companion program called LazyCAM that can do that part. It looks like it is still in beta and not a fully finished program though and it also sounds like it is a 2D oriented program so the situation is a lot different there and you would only be able to export wireframes for that route and not solids. It looks like possibly the only format that it will take is DXF format, and to get your MoI curves into DXF format you will have to use the 3DMCurves2DXF converter program from here:

That whole Mach3 route looks like it will probably be more complex and may be difficult if the LazyCAM piece is only in beta and has not been all the way finished up.

- Michael