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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rogurt,

> What I need to do in the end will be a hiking boot
> very much like this:

That's going to be a very challenging model to create from NURBS - you'll be basically operating outside of the easiest areas of having much of the model defined well by 2D profile curves so you'll instead be needing to work more all with 3D curves and using the most advanced areas of the toolset.

It's a much more complex area to get used to, so it's something that you are likely going to need to invest a lot of time to get good at.

Things that are at that level of difficulty I just generally think can be better off done with a polygon modeler, sub-d modeling with a polygon modeler is much more oriented towards working all with 3D sculpted type shapes moreso than MoI is.

> The 3D model of the predecessor was made with rhino. So
> I thought it would also be possible with MOI...

It might be technically possible to do in MoI, but it's at such an advanced, difficult, and finicky area of NURBS modeling that it has not been a big focus in MoI to target that kind of modeling, since it's generally better handled by sub-d modeling instead.

Also when you get to this kind of advanced surface level of work there are some additional tools that Rhino has that are not in MoI yet for editing surfaces to be smooth to one another, like the MatchSrf command in MoI. So if you need some of those specific kinds of tools you will need to use Rhino in combination with MoI to fill in some of those kinds of functions.

I do want to add those advanced surfacing type of functions into MoI as well, but it has been a much bigger priority for me to focus MoI on the areas where NURBS are actually really easy, pleasant, and quick to use like stuff that can be generated more from 2D drawings.

If you're already familiar with polygon modeling, I'd recommend doing that project using one of those tools instead - basically same as if you were doing highly organic stuff like creature or modeling human faces or things of that nature. When your project does not boil down to recognizable 2D curves that define it well it basically starts to move quite a ways into that organic shape territory, and that's an area where sub-d modeling is much more focused on.

- Michael