Fillet problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
4920.2 In reply to 4920.1 
Hi jacobo - that means that the fillet had some problem in one stage of its calculation.

When that happens, it still outputs the stuff that it was able to generate like all the fillet surfaces themselves, so that you might be able to use those pieces of geometry to make the fillet happen by trimming or booleaning them into the other piece rather than just simply giving up and doing nothing.

As far as why the fillet was having difficulty, that depends on a lot of different factors, and it would help to see the actual 3DM file to be able to give you some information about what might be going wrong in your particular instance.

But some general things that can confuse filleting are: self intersecting surfaces, tiny edge fragments or tiny surfaces that would be totally consumed by the given fillet radius, not enough space to fit the fillet within tight bends of the model, and all sorts of various other things.

There isn't much chance to tell which of these kinds of things was the particular issue just by looking at a screenshot, I need to look at the geometry, examine for messed up or fragmented edges and stuff like that which requires a model file to examine.

- Michael