Saving file copies

 From:  jacobo3d
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Hey Michael,

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do the script. That's awesome! (and exactly what I needed)

It seems that Petr's web wasn't offline after all. For some reason I can't access from my home computer, but I was able to check it out from work. After going through all the scripts and try a couple of things by myself, it seems pretty straight forward to do simple things to help me out with the workflow (fortunately it looks like javascript is very similar to L-Script -or the other way around, I should say-, which I was familiar with a long time ago... it seems like I still remember a couple of things).

About the scripting docs, I totally understand the development priorities, and they make total sense. It's just that right now I'm trying to see if Moi would fit in our pipeline and how much time it would save, and that's why very specific workflow needs come up (which most of the time are just very simple things like this one, but time savers when you have to do it too often).
I don't want to get to much into the scripting area yet, just to know that it's there and it at least gives me the flexibility to speed up things a little bit if I need to.

Right now I'm more concerned about evaluating where Moi would come useful, and what would be the best way to translate what is created in there to something that is in a way we can work with. But that will take me a bit more time before I start shooting questions in the forum ;)

Again, thanks a lot!