Saving file copies

 From:  jacobo3d

I was trying to see if I was able to create a shortcut to automatically save an IGES file and a LWO of the current 3dm scene, using its name and location. Like, every time I save, the 3dm scene is saved, an IGES file and a LWO file (meshing options panel would open right before saving the LWO). I was digging through the script docs, but still kind of confusing to me (besides the fact that I don't know much about Javascript, pretty much just Python). So then I've tried to go through this page scripts:
... to check the code and understand how they work, but it seems to be offline (it doesn't even show up in Google's cache). So that leaves me with the only choice of asking in the forum :).

So, is it possible to do that?

And also, where's the best place to start getting familiar on how Moi scripting works and all that?