Great application. Thanks!

 From:  haik (HAIKBABA)
A little about me first... I do the CAD/CAM thing on my gigantor (large format) Thermwood 4 axis, multi-Z CNC Router and I use SolidWorks and Rhino3 (and now v4) for CAD, but my main gig is being a UX (user experience) engineer and UI (functional) prototype dev and I use all the 'big' apps (art and dev) to get things done. So far as personas go that's me.

I really like MoI! After launching MoI for the first time it took me only a few minutes to make some fairly complex shapes and then I was on my way to making my designs. No reading, no tutorials, just working the UI with simple ease. I think your idea to free the user's creativity by giving him/her an efficient and easy to use UI is a very powerful asset!

Please keep up the great work and as soon as you have a retail product be sure to let me know... I'll buy it!