Hello, i got a problem :/

 From:  Michael Gibson
4909.17 In reply to 4909.16 
Hi klego,

> Do you have a website? I want to see what you have done :)

You're actually reading this on my website right now - http://moi3d.com . I wish I had more time to just do my own modeling myself but mostly I focus on working on the software and helping other people.

> I do have to admit that this program is probably the
> best one i've ever worked with.

I'm glad that you like it so far!

> Still don't know my way around but i have some reading to do. :)

A good place to start is the main help file which is online here:

The introduction section is good to read through, and the tutorial section has some videos that go step by step through building some things so watching those are a good way to see how things work as well. Then there are more links to various stuff on the resources page:

- Michael