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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Laurent, I'm glad that you're liking the beta!

re: glossy style - to get that look you will need to adjust some of the lighting settings, those are under Options > View > "Lighting options" (it's a button near the bottom).

There are a few different modes and options you can enable there, see here for some descriptions:

And I think that the post that you're referring to is one of Mike's and he posted the lighting settings he uses for that here:

> a little bug i found is if you choose free rotation for the navigation,
> then the view don't reset. i join a picture to show it.
> the contruction plane never come back horizontal.

If you have some objects in the model instead of a blank scene, then that's actually how it's intended to work - basically the "free rotation" mode does not put any special weight towards orienting the up direction towards the world z axis, except that if you have a totally blank scene and you hit reset it will go back to the original default starting view angle and position.

If you have some objects and you hit Reset and you're in Free rotation mode, it basically zooms the objects to fit within the viewport but does not disturb your current viewing directions.

If you want to get your view oriented to always having the construction plane horizontal then use the other "Rotate around world z axis" rotation mode, it keeps your head pointing upwards and avoids tilt.

You can also get back to a horizontal view by one of the methods described here:

- Michael