limit to the number of objects?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi cx - I've attached a version of the model which is a more simplified slice, like this:

This is actually still not exactly "simple" itself, there is still 526 different individual segments in there, and when you extrude it, it will generate a solid result with 528 faces and 1578 edges in it, which is not exactly a small number of components.

But it is a lot less faces and edges than trying to do the whole larger thing all in one single go like you were doing before - the extrusion on this slice version should be a lot better behaved.

Then after you have done the extrusion you can use Transform > Array > Dir to replicate the slice.

You may want to delete the outer side walls of the extruded slice so that after you replicate the pieces they are all ready to be joined to one another without any internal side walls needing to be processed.

If you construct your object in this way it should only take a couple of minutes to build it and you will not likely need to wait anywhere near as long for calculations as compared to trying to do the whole thing as one single enormous extrude.

Hope this helps!

- Michael