limit to the number of objects?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi cx, there is no built in limit to the number of objects - but things may certainly bog down when you're creating an object which has a lot of complexity to it like this one - you've got over 1000 curves there for Extrude to process and it has to do things like analyze all those curves for how they relate to each other to figure out which ones are the outer ones and which ones are the inner ones.

It looks like in your last post you have been able to complete the extrusion?

> This is I want to get, it's not extrude all objects at once, after a
> lot of times Boolean´╝îBoolean operations each time is very long.
> And the file size is large, such a simple model takes up 35MB of space!

That's not an especially large file size - that's definitely around what I would expect for a model with the kind of complexity that you have here with some thousands of curves involved in it.

I would not describe what you have here as "simple" at all - any thing where you're processing thousands of curves in order to construct it is definitely beyond the category of "simple".

> I have very good hardware, encountered such a problem, does not
> reflect the speed it should have, MoI addition to the output when
> the polygon can be multi-threaded computing, other times are
> single-threaded single-core.

It tends to be easier to make things use multiple cores when they are able to be processed in isolation from one another.

In your case here you're trying to build this all out of just 1 single object that is all connected together - that involves interaction between all the different pieces and tightly coupled interaction is the opposite of isolation and so does not lend itself to multi-core processing as well.

Is it possible for you to build this object in some kind of sections instead of all as one single big object? That could make things easier - it looks like there is some possibility to construct just one slice of the object and then repeat that piece.

- Michael