limit to the number of objects?

 From:  cx (CX138)
Modeling with MoI and output IGSE format, directly in the CNC machining to a friend, because I do not use such software Solidwork, and the MoI in the production of these models is indeed very easy and intuitive.

This is I want to get, it's not extrude all objects at once, after a lot of times Boolean´╝îBoolean operations each time is very long.
And the file size is large, such a simple model takes up 35MB of space!
I have very good hardware, encountered such a problem, does not reflect the speed it should have, MoI addition to the output when the polygon can be multi-threaded computing, other times are single-threaded single-core.

Very sorry, I'm a Chinese, not English use, may I say the problem is not easy to understand...