New Moi3d user trying to use moi3d in ubuntu 11.10

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi nikola, I'm glad that you are enjoying MoI, and your iPhone model looks really great!

re: Ubuntu problem - that definitely looks like the Wine Direct3D system is having some problem with some function with your graphics driver.

Getting a stable 3D graphics driver seems to be a pretty big problem with Linux in general, if you have an older driver currently installed you might try installing a more current version to see if that solves the problem. Wine needs some fairly new OpenGL functions from the card and it looks like your video driver is having some problems with the particular functions that it uses.

> I used winetricks and installed d3dx9_43 , gdi plus , ie8

If you're using the latest version 3 beta, then you shouldn't need to do any of this, the current v3 release is set to run with Wine right out of the box without any further things needing to be installed, but it needs to have a good functioning video driver in order to work properly.

- Michael