New Moi3d user trying to use moi3d in ubuntu 11.10

 From:  nikola (ZENOX3D)

I'm new moi3d user.I worked on some design project and when I finish it,it was to ask the money reward or something else for my computer.I decide it to invest in my modeling skills.I'm blender user too,and I like to work both in polygonal modeling and with nurbs tools.I worked 6 years ago as packaging industrial designer,and learned then to work with nurbs in Rhinoceros 3.0.Today I'm selling my 3d models created in blender3d on the3dstudio,turbosquid,etc.That is why I invest eraned money in moi3d,except working on design projects.It was too expensive for me to get rhino,so when I tried moi3d beta I promissed myself I will get me this tool someday.I learned to work with moi3d pretty quick,cause I could use experience from rhinoceros.Also I learned a lot thanx to your forum and tutorials.Must say I like to work with moi3d ,more then with rhinoceros,even there are more tools in rhino.

Awesome tool you made Michael,keep it up the good work.It is awesome tool for people like me on a budget.

Except moi3d I tried to enter in to linux ubuntu 11.10.I can say blender 3d renderings working much faster in ubuntu then in win xp,and I'v got used to work in linux.
Now about my question.I followed some directions from your forum topics about getting work moi3d in ubuntu.Today I tried some tricks from your member,and I'm getting everything,but not the windows for creating the objects.Below is my image attachment.I would appreciate if you could help me,off course if it is possible.
I used winetricks and installed d3dx9_43 , gdi plus , ie8

I have ATI radeon 2600 HD graphic card,intel core2duo processor and 2gb of RAM memory

I also posting one of my first tryouts with moi3d a new iphone 4s created from a photo references.Enjoy and if you like give me some feedbacks and critics about my work.

Thanx in advance

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