3D corner help

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tony, yup that image came through - but the area that you're talking about where the wood meets the recoil pad is pretty darn small in the image, it's hard for me to really see the shape in there, maybe a closer zoomed in image would be a lot clearer.

But if I understand correctly, it sounds like you just want to round off a sharp edge at the end of your shape?

For that kind of rounding you want to use the Construct > Fillet tool which is here:

If you have some shape like this with a sharp face on the end:

Then to round that off, select the edge here:

And then run the Construct > Fillet command and enter in a radius value for the radius of the rounded fillet to construct, which will make this result:

One thing to watch out for is that you need to select the edge of the solid in order for that part of the solid to be rounded. If you have some of the original construction curves that you used to create the solid from (by extruding or lofting or whatever), then it's not too unusual for those original curves to be sitting right there on the exact same spot as the edge that you want to round - when that happens it will interfere with you being able to pick the edge for filleting, so if that's happening to you, you need to hide or delete any extra curves that are right in your way so that you can select the edge.

Also have you had a chance to watch the video tutorials from here ? :

Both the Sunburst and the 6-legged pod videos do filleting as one of the construction steps in the tutorial. Those videos go through step by step pretty slowly with discussion of each step along the way so watching those could probably help explain how fillet works a bit more as well.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense or doesn't match what you are talking about. If I did not understand what you meant I may need to see a clearer image that's more zoomed in to the particular area that you're asking about.

- Michael