loft command

 From:  Michael Gibson
4864.2 In reply to 4864.1 
Hi beanworks, can you please post a 3DM model file of the loft that you are having problems with?

One thing to check though is that all your profile curves going into the loft are all closed curves.

You'll only get the seam point adjustment mechanism shown if all the curves are closed and so the generated surface is also closed and has a seam.

If any of the curves are open, even if it's just one of them, then that will prevent the seam adjustment mechanism from activating.

You can tell if a curve is closed or not by selecting it and then looking at its type indicator in the properties panel in the upper right area of the main window - it will say "Closed crv" for a closed one and just plain "Curve" for an open one.

If you do a group selection and the type indicator says something like "3 Objects" instead of "3 Closed crvs", then that means you've got a mixture of some open and closed curves.

Let me know if that does not explain what you are seeing, and if you're still having problems if you could please post a 3DM file with the curves in it which are giving you trouble that would help me to give some more specific advice.

- Michael