ball and socket joint

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Linda, yup it should be possible to build a socket type joint like you're describing. Do you maybe have any pictures of something close to what you want to do?

It sounds like you might want to model 2 solid pieces that initially collide with one another like this:

If you have 2 objects intersecting each other like that you can then scoop out one of them by using the Construct > Boolean > Difference command. Select the base object, then run boolean difference, then select the other one as the object to remove and you will get this kind of result:

The boolean difference command also has a "Keep objects" checkbox option that you can set so the cutting object is retained instead of being deleted.

You probably want to find some existing example of the kind of click together mechanism that you want to use though so you can use it as a reference.

- Michael