From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi eric,

> As it stands now when I hit the line icon it will default to the
> single line segment unless I click again on polyline.

Actually even if you left click on the line tool it should work like you're asking about here.

When there's a group of commands under a button (a "command set") like "Line" and "Polyline" are under the "Lines" button, when you open it up the last one that you used will be the one that gets launched automatically. The first time that it opens it will just run the first one.

So for example if you open Draw curve > Lines the first time it will launch the single-line "Line" command, but if you then pick Polyline the next time you open it, Polyline will be the one that is launched initially.

> I'm really talking about the mutual extend ... two lines
> perpendicular to each other (or when they might obliquely
> intersect). I would like them to 'join' with each other
> at the intersection.

One issue is that the Join option would only apply to the "mutual extend" method, and the way the Extend command is currently set up I don't know if you're doing a mutual extend or an "extend to boundary" until the last step of the command when it then just finishes.

Would you want another step added that then asked you to set extend option and you could check or uncheck join there? The bad part about that would be you would have another stage for the command that you would need to complete.

What if there was a separate type of extend command that was just focused on doing the mutual extend type method? I could probably streamline it a bit then. I'm already planning on doing a couple of special "quick drafting" type helper commands like that, another one that I want to do is a quick trim as discussed here:

- Michael