From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi Michael ..

No, I don't need to have the extension as a separate entity.

I'm really talking about the mutual extend ... two lines perpendicular to each other (or when they might obliquely intersect). I would like them to 'join' with each other at the intersection. It would probably be good it there were an option for this so they would not join if one did not prefer that.

For instance, If I have two wall lines offset from each other and want to join them at the ends to form a long skinny box that will then be extruded to make a vertical wall. This wall might turn and have other walls intersecting, for instance. Unless they combine into a closed curve they will not cap at the top. If the extend command (for mutual extend) joined these intersections then I would not have to do it piece by piece.

This ties in with wanting the 'polyline' to stay on after it has been selected so that parts of drawn shapes will stay connected when that behavior is preferred. As it stands now when I hit the line icon it will default to the single line segment unless I click again on polyline. There are, of course, times when that is the best behavior ... I guess I would like a toggle for continuous/non-continuous.