question or possible feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike,

> As to how... does the DirectX draw allow for the
> rendering of polys with separately colored sides?

It's not a "built in" feature of DirectX that can just be turned on with a single switch, but it's still possible to do it either by making 2 display passes (one for front faces and one for back faces) or by using a shader.

That part is not really the issue - it's more about figuring out the UI for it.

> I think I remember seeing in Rhino, that they achieved
> the same effect by showing little hash lines emanating
> from the middle and normal face with a little arrow.

Yeah, I set it up that way in Rhino because Rhino was primarily designed to work in wireframe display mode where there isn't any shading going on at all.

> A check switch in the option's view section could suffice to
> activate this demarcation feature.

Yeah, that's kind of another still open question - whether it should just be a display mode that you can turn on or off and then have a pretty simple flip command that just flips things and doesn't do anything else, or whether the flip command should be a little beefier and temporarily turn on that kind of display and then let you click on things you want to flip rather than working on preselected objects like it does right now.

- Michael