question or possible feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
4857.4 In reply to 4857.2 
Hi Mike,

> Michael, I think this would be an easier feature to employ
> by building the capability to view the reverse sides when
> in the export to poly's dialog.

I've thought some about doing it at that stage before, but one issue with that is should the flip be done just for that one export only? If so then what if you want to do several exports in a row, say with different resolutions or with new objects added or whatever - would you then need to redo the flipping on each export?

Or would the flipping at export time stick and actually edit the object? If so then that's also kind of conceptually a bit weird to be editing the model in some way as part of the export - it's somewhat unusual for the base data to be edited as part of a export process.

So that's why it may end up as a separate command or display mode.

Anyway, that bit of uncertainty about how to best set this up is one reason why it hasn't been implemented quite yet.

- Michael