question or possible feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
4857.3 In reply to 4857.1 
Hi Shane,

> Is it possible to have the back faces in MOI shade a different
> color? It would be very useful to see the surface normal direction
> in MOI and correct the reversed faces before exporting as an
> .obj for rendering.
> If not currently possible would this be a possible addition in
> the future?

There is not currently any way to do that in MoI, but it is something that I want to add in the future, it's been on my todo list for a while.

Right now the easiest thing to do is to just enable 2-sided shading in your rendering program - that way your object will be rendered properly no matter which side of the object happens to be the positive surface normal direction and then you don't need to worry about the orientation any more at all.

Also if you make your object into a fully closed solid in MoI before exporting it, that will automatically orient the surface normals to the outside of the solid volume when the mesh is generated for it.

- Michael