Vacuum System for a Cold Atom Experiment

 From:  Paul (CLOUDRIDER)
I thought I would share how I use MOI3D. Mostly I use the program to prototype experiments to ensure the parts will fit and to get a visual feel for how the experiment will look. It gives me more confidence to know that once I order and assemble the parts, that they will not conflict in any meaningful way.

Anyway thanks Michael! Without MOI3D this would have been much more labor intensive and I am not sure I would bother. Most of the components where built using simple volumes and booleans. Now most vacuum part vendors provide step files that you can import, but I have at one time or another built all the geometry by hand. This was rendered in MODO, because it delivers excellent quality render with very little hassle compared to other programs. There are some issues, such as the laser beams (the red cylinders) having shadows on them, but this rough sketch only took about 3.5 hours total.