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 From:  chrisd (CHRIS_DORDONI)
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I've heard about the 3d functionality that has been added to Flash. I'm unclear on why the Alternativa player is needed if Flash can display the 3d natively?

I have used free version of WireFusion, and the OpenGL display is not hardware accelerated in that version. To use hardware OpenGL, you need to use the paid for version. Additionally, there is a small software component that is required to use the hardware OpenGL on the user machine, and this is included when the presentation is published.

I have run into some issues with model size and/or texture map size limitations in WireFusion. Java by default limits the memory that can be used when it gets installed on the users machine. While the memory allocation can be increased on the user machine, most people don't know how to do this.

It would be nice if Flash can deal with larger models than WireFusion, even if it is Java that is producing the size limitation.