ugly creases in network

 From:  niko (NICKP100)
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I hate to say this but looking at the mesh and polygonal export I can still see some creases (admitedly a lot less than before) at the front of the model and where that small curve is....besides I do not think that we are always in the ideal situation of being able to have all planar curves

In Rhino, comparing the wireframes side by side I can also see how much cleaner the rhino solution is. IMO the sharp edges still show as expected and the surface is smooth where its suppose to be. I cannot imagine an example where the MOI solution would be more favorable...

The Rhino surface is to the right while the MOI is on the left. The MOI surface is more dense but the Rhino one is a lot more uniform thus generating less unexpected results

Michael I was wondering if there is a chance that you can give us a choice on how to solve networks in the future.
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