ugly creases in network

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi niko,

> Well I redrew the curve with less points but I still
> get the same result.

Actually if you look at the first version you posted and then the second version at the same time I can see some improvement in the second version.

A few other things you can tune up are as Mauro mentions above some of the curves do not actually touch each other, and some of them are a little wobbly instead of being planar.

I tuned up those things and got a little more improvement from that, and then sometimes with network if you have some bad shaping near the tip where things are collapsing down together it can help to put in an additional section pretty close to the end to help control the shaping just before it all collapses down.

I've attached the 3DM file here, those adjustments seem to give a better result:

The other thing that you could try is to avoid putting in the tightly bent area directly into the network and build something that's more like 2 separate sections and then either fillet or blend to make the tightly bent portion - having that somewhat irregular distribution of curvature in the one profile can tend to kind of ripple out when that portion is trying to get blended with the other profiles which are not shaped in the same way.

- Michael