ugly creases in network

 From:  Michael Gibson
4844.2 In reply to 4844.1 
Hi niko, one thing that is contributing to that is that there is an actual crease in one of your curves here:

That segment at the end of the curve there is not smooth with the other piece, their end tangents are about 6 degrees different from one another, so there is a kink in that curve there.

When Rhino builds a network, it basically ignores any kind of kink in any of the input curves, which happens to work to your advantage in this particular situation but can cause errors in other situations where the kinks are not respected.

In order to get a better quality network from that in MoI you need to make your long curve there be of better quality and not be made up of separate segments with actual sharp points between the pieces. That would probably help to some extent anyway.

It looks like you may be getting a little bit of wiggling in the curve refitting mechanism as well in this particular case - I'm hoping to do some work in v3 to try and reduce that.

- Michael