ugly creases in network

 From:  Michael Gibson
4844.13 In reply to 4844.11 
Hi Niko,

> I don't know what wiggling is, but will that particular
> network solve closer to Rhino after you work on what
> you said?

I hope so, but it's hard to know for sure until after it's actually done.

You also might try using MoI v2 for this one instead of the v3 beta - one change in v3 is that it uses a tighter fitting tolerance for rebuilding the curves, but that can have some side effects like this.

That's another area that I want to work on during v3 - to be able to have a tighter fitting tolerance only for the outside curves of the network that might need to be joined to other things, and a slightly looser tolerance (which makes a lighter density surface) for the internal curves.

But anyway if you try it in MoI v2 you should probably see a lighter surface generated.

- Michael