ugly creases in network

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Niko,

> In Rhino, comparing the wireframes side by side I can also see
> how much cleaner the rhino solution is. IMO the sharp edges still
> show as expected and the surface is smooth where its suppose
> to be. I cannot imagine an example where the MOI solution would
> be more favorable...

I've attached here a simple example where the Rhino solution is not favorable, if you select all the curves and run Network MoI respects the creases and generates the proper output:

Take particular note of the corner areas here:

Now load the 3DM file into Rhino and construct the network there by selecting all the curves and running NetworkSrf. If you examine the same corner areas:

You can see there where the network does not adhere to the corner shape, it makes a smooth surface through there instead of actually coming to a sharp corner. That means that for example if you tried to extrude the bottom shape downwards and then join the extrusion and the upper part, they won't join together properly because the top part kind of bulges away from the sharp corner.

You get similar problems in Rhino trying to use any kind of creased curve to build a big network.

- Michael