Math input

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Michael,

> The problem with it though is what if you type in an
> expression that does not result in an integer value,
> should it just not be accepted or should it be rounded or what?

Good question you ask ;) when I first saw the question I thought something like 360/7 would show the sum 51.43 and not do anything, but after I tried it out on other cad packages it actually rounds off to the closest whole number so I guess that would be the way, but then I'd like to see what the number was so I could see that the number I chose wouldn't divide into 360 evenly...........confused :s

The reason behind this was I wanted to array a line around it's end point at 5° increments within the 360° hence the 360/5 which gives you 72 lines (spokes).