3dmCurves2DXF not working with 'MoI 3.0 beta Oct-25-2011' created files

 From:  Michael Gibson
4840.14 In reply to 4840.13 
Hi Matteo - if all you need is a wireframe and not an actual hidden line drawing, then you can duplicate all the edges of your solids into curve objects, then they would get processed by that converter program.

In order to duplicate them you need to select the edges, then use Copy (Ctrl+C) which puts them on to the clipboard as curves, then use Paste (Ctrl+V) to paste them into the current model. Keep in mind that this will produce a bunch of duplicated geometry.

The easiest way to select all edges is to use the Scene browser and go to the Types section, there is an entry there for "Edges" which you can use to target all edges and select them.

- Michael