3dmCurves2DXF not working with 'MoI 3.0 beta Oct-25-2011' created files

 From:  Hamish Mead (HAIRYKIWI)
Hi all,

3dmCurves2DXF appears to produce no output when exporting 3dm curves created in MoI 3.0 beta Oct-25-2011.

Attached are two simple test files and their associated (good/fail annotated) export files. Both 3dm files contain identical curve content. (I have also done a test using v3 created content containing only a simple straight line curve. That too failed to export.)

I was able to open dxf export test - 3dm created in MoI 2 - GOOD.dxf in Rhino v4 trial and also able to import it into Alibre v12.

I wonder if someone else could double check my files - and do an independent test from scratch please. Or maybe I just missed an announcement concerning the new engine in V3 beta?

BTW, Michael, v3 beta features are very cool - thanks for all your effort. :)