placing points at circumcenter of triangles - script?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Stefan,

> However when trying to bring in a low poly triangulated
> mesh via your obj2line converter the script can't handle the
> amount of lines not, if i select all of the lines, forming the
> object.

Yeah unfortunately the script uses a brute force method of scanning to find which lines share endpoints, and this simple method is not suited for dealing with very many lines at a single time, you'll probably need to select them in batches of 30 or so at a time.

It could be possible to speed it up by a large amount, by using spatial data structures to help avoid the large number of point comparisons but unfortunately that would require a significant amount of development work in order to accomplish that.

I've attached one slight improved version that at least stops scanning when it finds a triangle, the original version actually kept scanning until it had done the full triple nested loop. EDIT: actually the new version was buggy and would miss some so I removed it.

- Michael