3dmCurves2DXF and curves

 From:  mickelsen
Hi Michael,

I've been using 3dmCurves2DXF to generate input files to be used by VCarvePro. When I input the files, they seem to be made up of all straight line segments. Curves like circles appear to be approximated with very short straight line segments. Is this true? When I generate the gcode in VCP, it comes out that way. VCP has a curve-fitting function. If I apply it to curves in my DXF file, then VCP generates gcode that uses gcode curve-cutting instructions. This code is much shorter and runs much faster than the code generated without doing a curve-fitting. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be as accurate. Circles come out slightly oblong.
I just wanted to know if 3dmCurves2DXF generates all straight line segments or actual curves. (I don't even know if DXF supports actual curves.) If it doesn't generate curves, is there a way to make it do so?