Shell problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
4824.10 In reply to 4824.8 
So for a case like this a shell/offset friendly version would be something like some sections like this:

Then build a loft or whatever through those to make a larger and more evenly shaped surface:

Then that can be trimmed by a side profile or by the fuselage body to cut away the excess:

Building a full surface instead of only a half piece will make it easier to get a fully smooth end result, and by building it as an extended and more evenly formed surface it will be a lot better quality for doing offsets since it won't have any tightly curved spots or areas that change curvature very rapidly in a small area like the "pole" zone of the previous 3-sided sweep will generate - trying to directly surface a 3 sided thing like that where one side is a lot longer than the others and swoops inwards in a 90 degree bend tends to make bad shaping in the tip area.

3DM model also attached.

- Michael