Pen Project

 From:  Marc (TELLIER)
My better half decided to finish her studies in design, last semester her team build a fountain pen.
They first wanted to turn it in wood, and finally decided upon 3d printing for greater flexibility.
I helped her a bit with the modeling part.

The initial clay model that did'nt aged very well:

Early version at the university's 3d printer:

The final one done from an outside 3d printer. It doesn't show much on the picture, but it's more detailed:

With the steel case and painted to simulate the intended material:

Model and generating curves:

The sweep profiles were not rebuild to keep the nice curves on the side of the solid.
It would've been nice to be able to control these resulting curves but I couldn't find a way.

The hardest part was to fit all the pieces together, cap, cap on body, pen parts, etc...
Screw threads were done manually.

The pen axis is tilted in the pen to accommodate all the parts.