Constructing a simple fuselage

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Steve - it can be difficult to form a nice smooth tip by having many sections that then suddenly collapse down at the end, it's easy to get artifacts especially in the tip region where you've got elognated shapes trying to all collapse down to a single point.

To have a smooth tip you want things generally more shaped like a surface of revolution in that area, and so to make things shaped more like that you want to start to make the end shapes more evenly formed more like a circle instead of elongated. Sometimes just one single circle as the profile at the tip can help, see here for some discussion of this:

But also if you want to focus on making a smooth tip, using a revolve or rail revolve for generating the whole shape will make it easier to get a high quality tip.

When doing a revolve, instead of making a bunch of sections you will instead make just one long side profile running the full length:

If you want it elongated in one direction then make an ellipse shape to use as the rail for rail revolve:

Select the profile, then run either revolve or rail revolve if you want to use the oval for a stretched out shape, then for the revolve axis you want to pick a line running down the center like this:

That will make this kind of result:

- Michael