trim and cuves

 From:  Michael Gibson
48.2 In reply to 48.1 
> is there a way to untrim object?

Not currently, but I have just added it for the next beta (shooting to be released on Monday). The way it will work in the next beta is if you have a single surface (not joined to any other surfaces) and you select all the edges of a trimming loop of that surface, you can do a delete to untrim it.

> how to change a curve direction?(i got some loft trouble)

Was this for open curves or closed curves (such as closed like a circle)? For open curves, when you click on each curve to select it for the loft, click nearby the end that you want to line up with each other. If you drag a window select around the curves instead of clicking on them, MoI will try to automatically align them but it won't always get it right.

Please post the model here if you're still running into trouble with it.

> how to select a row or column of point?

There is no way to do this right now, sorry. One thing that might help in the next beta is some history functionality, so once you create a loft you will be able to edit the curves that made up the loft, and you can select a curve and drag the whole curve around, it's kind of similar to getting a row of points.

I'm not quite sure where to add kind of fancier point selection stuff into the UI quite yet, that might be a while before that's ready. Surface point editing hasn't really been a focus yet, there might not be too much stuff for it for V1.

> I hope you will try to find a price for it a bit like silo, when you will be ready to release it.

It should be vaguely similar, probably more expensive than Silo 2.0 but not by too much.

- Michael