From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
Hi Michael and users of MoI ..

For some years I have been working on a book of small houses the reader could (relatively) easily build. I have neglected it in the last year ... too busy with other stuff.
But now I intend to spend some winter time trying to complete it.
I want to develop a series of 'best practice' construction details in 3D. MoI is a perfect tool for the drawings but ..

I need a program for dimensions in 3D as well as annotations that would be facing the reader when published in a paper view. I suppose I could do this in Photoshop but I am hoping for a simpler (and perhaps less expensive) method. These drawings would be like exploded technical parts drawings but not necessarily exploded.
I can also imagine these drawings being published in 3D PDF from MoI drawings but, again, don't know of a program that would allow annotations in that method.

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated though this is not specifically a question about MoI.

cheers and happy season's greetings to all,