MOI free please ... to convert more MOI user ... and increase MOI community.

 From:  ed (EDDYF)
I agree with Michael's comments.

IMHO, if the trial version does not convert a prospect into a customer, then why would a limited free version convert someone into a customer?

Only the largest companies can afford to provide fee support for free software. If a lite version of MoI were given out freely, the users would be on their own. Without "factory support", many would become frustrated (who reads the manual?) and MoI would get a bad name. This is a counter-productive strategy.

Better to let people try it, and if they see the value, become customers who benefit from the free support. MoI is not expensive, especially spread over the time period in which you plan to benefit from it. From my personal experience, it's best to skip the freebies and jump straight to the software that you know is going to get the job done. Learning curves cost time and money - I'd rather do it once than twice.