MOI free please ... to convert more MOI user ... and increase MOI community.

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Hi Michael,

I actually think what you have in the way of a 30 day trial and a no save version is great. Being retired, I hardly ever use CAD. The no save version is perfect to play with MoI, in my opinion. The 30 day trail is good too. Like when I did the demo, I had to install the 30 day trial so that you guys could help me get through my issues. I have since reverted back to the no save version.

I tried MoI and loved it. I recommend it to users of PROP_DESIGN. I think your program is great, your support is even better, your existing trials and such are perfect as is, and your prices are way better than anything else out there. Given the quality of the product and support, MoI is a value like no other.

I hope you won't change a thing. I agree that unless you become independently wealthy a completely free version of MoI does not make sense. Perhaps, on your death bed, you can open source it or something.


Anthony Falzone