Pro Smooth Blending of objects Advise

 From:  Stever_uk (STEVER)

Been playing around now with MoI for a bit and now want to push myself with more complex situations after seeing some great examples of more complex models.

Till now I have been content will basic cutting and joining of solid shapes as advised but I think (I maybe wrong) to get complex subtle intricate models one has to start playing around with joining surfaces created via Loft,Revolve,sweep blend etc to form solids :)

The first thing I want to understand is techniques to the create smooth transitions of shapes/surfaces. For example the transition between the car body to the car wing, a transition of a jet wing to the fuselage etc.

Now I have been reading posts but I confess to be getting slight confused as I'm no Cad Person (but wanting to learn :) )

I attached a a very simple example of the beginnings I want to achieve. It consists of

a) a main body created from via the Loft command
b) a joined surface created from another loft which was constructed from a projection of a eclipse on the body to a series of circles

Although this result is great (to me) I cannot boolean union these two together without strange artefacts being created

Again the question is this the correct way of going about it

Hope this post makes sense :)