Funny thing!

 From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)
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this is a screen shot (scroll2b.png) of the object on the left I have here after saving the 3 solid of my original file, it's the file I sent to you, "test1.3dm". The screen shot (test1.png) in my original post is from my original file and the same object showed only a little artifact (red circle), as you can see they are quite different and they are the same object, the only difference is that I saved them in 2 different files. I don't understand why the same object saved in 2 different files look so different. I haven't reopened my original file to see if the same distorsion will also appear though.

The other thing I don't understand is why there is such an appearing different degree of smoothness between the objects after a boolean operation (test1.png, left object was boolean union).

Though I can understand what we see on the screen is only a visual representation of the "mathematical" Nurbs objects or of the data and for the purpose of real time display, I guess, is not always optimal say compared with a render of the exported mesh. It's always a problem for me because when some object looks bad I always think I did something wrong and I immediatly assume the data itself could be wrong as well and I have to spend a lot of time each time to know which it is. For now, the only way to know for sure it's only a display artifact, we have to export and render I guess. It would be nice to be able to check this inside MOI.

Since this time, I only need half of this model I can use the "good" half and go from there but it's still driving me crazy.