Funny thing!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Felix, I'm having a bit of difficulty following along.

Is the problem that the one on the right looks rougher?

That is a display mesh artifact - your actual surface there is curved, just the display mesh is sparse there.

Display meshes usually have a side effect of actually getting subdivided pretty far below the actual angle setting - that's because before they are even divided by angle they are broken down into bezier patches which means that if your surface has a lot of control points in it it starts out with a denser display mesh.

Your surface there happens to have a pretty sparse control point structure, so it basically only gets polygons purely by the angle parameter, and if you build a polyline with steps of 10 degrees between each segment you should see it will look like what you've got there.

Just in general you should not worry so much about display mesh artifacts - when you go to generate an export mesh, the export mesher does a much more thorough job of testing and refining the mesh.

- Michael