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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sharif - a mouseover HTML menu like that is not going to really work properly in a flyout menu, because your menu starts out with most of its HTML content hidden.

When a menu is displayed in MoI, the menuy's window is sized to the visible content of the HTML - which in your case is going to be just that one base menu item. Then when you mouseover the menu and you try to show more HTML elements, those are not able to be shown outside of the menu window, so you'll instead get a scrollbar.

So just in general that kind of mouse-over menu that would work in the header of a web page won't really work very well in a MoI popup menu instead.

You probably instead need to make some nested menus, you can do something like have new child menu windows pop up from stuff inside the main menu if you want.

Right now there is not any way for flyout menus to have the menu itself change size after it has been launched.

> a). I have positioned the menu on the command bar, but
> it is not activated. I used this code but it is not working;
> <moi:CommandMenuButton> menu="PluginTest.html">plugins</moi:CommandMenuButton>

It looks like you have a typo there - you've got menu="PluginTest.html" there but it seems that your actual file is named PluginsTest.htm, note the additional s in the actual filename.

> b). what would be the code line for linking the submenu items to a script?

If you're using a MoI button element, you can set a command="" attribute on it, and it will automatically launch that command when it is clicked. If you want to use custom html then you'll need to put in something like an onclick="" handler and you can then trigger a command to run by using this script:

moi.command.execCommand( 'CommandName' );

- Michael